About us

Little Sara Model School is the  brain child of Mrs. Akila and Mr. Murugesan. She is post graduate in mathematics and done her post graduate in Montessori.  She was a teacher in Chennai in a leading school. After completing Montessori course she was full time faculty in chain of leading play school. Based on the experiences she found the Montessori Method alone is not sufficient for the development of the child but also thematic curriculum will help them to learn more visually.

With lot of brainstorming and discussions, travel and advice with experts the curriculum and environment was conceptualised and carved as LITTLE SARA MODEL SCHOOL. As name sings MODEL SCHOOL she wanted this to be platform to the little budding stars.

Mr. Murugesan. Architect and interior designer by profession by being parent realised the need for a good environment and need for the future ready knowledge for kids. To bring the dream of wife Akila executed the environment to the need of the kids.

The children are unique in their own ways.


It is prime age for them to nurture their abilities to develop them in wholesome growth of mind, body and soul. This will lead to become the good in all phases of life.

To achieve our vision the environment plays a vital role.


Our school premise has space for Montessori lab, thematic class rooms which have visual materials, physical play equipment.

  • To setup a prepared environment ensuring the overall development of the child.
  • To ensure that the child learns in a manner that is not stressful
  • To ensure the overall development of the child during preschool years.
  • To create a new humanity this becomes the master rather than the victim of its environment and capable of solving the many inextricable problems of our current day.